Clara Hinton – a modern day Heroine

 For the past few months I have been avidly following the blog of Clara Hinton – Married to a Pedophile.  And although I have never met Clara in person, I am so in awe and inspired by her courage and spirit. She is also an amazing mother to eleven children – her son Chris, described her as a saint! She also has lots more grand children. Over the years, Clara suffered terrible psychological abuse at the hands of her preacher/pedophile husband, John. At the same time, he led a secret life which involved sexually abusing children in his parish. Clara’s abuse lasted for around 40 years until she plucked up the courage to leave. Of course that was not the end of the story because controlling, abusive men never just let their wives walk away peacefully or seek a win: win compromise. They just can’t do it and it is really because they are sick and need help! But due to the very nature of this illness, they won’t admit to themselves that they need help and continue to turn on others, usually those who are closest to them.

Clara’s husband was a well respected Preacher and pillar of the society, and no-one initially could believe that he was capable of such hideous behaviour, as his public persona was totally different to his secret, dark side.

Here is the link to Clara’s blog:

I urge everyone to read Clara’s blog for her own in-depth account. Thankfully, Clara’s husband is safely behind bars now for abusing children so the children are now safe from him. Clara’s family really are an inspiration to society because of their strength of spirit and authenticity. They are now left picking up the pieces of the devastation that has been left behind, but they are doing so in such a dignified and sophisticated manner. Clara & her son Chris’ authenticity have inspired me to try do the same when faced with a really difficult life situation.

As you can see, this story has really got my attention and resonates often with me in a very personal way, as I too was married to a psychologically abusive man. Although thankfuly he is not a pedophile, he is however a deeply damaged person who uses control, manipulation and threats to try and keep his weird and warped agenda together. After seeking the advice of experts, I now believe that he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Like Clara’s husband John, in public my husband could not be more charming, charismatic and helpful. But look a little more closely and there are many red flags which should warn others of such dangerous personalities. This blog is really difficult for me to write as it brings up lots of emotional pain to the surface. But if my story, like Clara’s can help and educate other young men and women about the signs, then hopefully it will help people avoid or be able to get out of these highly damaging relationships much sooner than Clara and I were able to. We all deserve to live free and authentic lives, so trust your vibes people!

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8 Responses to Clara Hinton – a modern day Heroine

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  2. Clara Hinton says:

    Reblogged this on Finding A Healing Place and commented:
    It’s because of comments like this that I continue to write….Never would I consider myself a heroine of any sort, but I consider every one of you that has lived under the hand of abuse my hero. Every time God uses my words in some small way to help a person break free fom the cycle of abuse — whether physical, emotiona, or spiritual — I know that my past now is being used for good.
    Let’s continue to speak out. Let’s continue to break free. Let’s continue to be advocates against abuse!


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  4. martyomenko says:

    Thank you for being brave enough to speak up! It is hard, isn’t it? It is a hard thing to realize that we were exposed to someone’s control and allowed it. I know for me, it made me feel weak and pathetic, which I had to realize was part of the plan of the abuser. In my case, it was not my husband, but others…


  5. K Cutler says:

    I’m so proud of you for be willing to speak. Keep at it and know that you have so many praying for you. Much love.


  6. Ann says:

    Hello Miss Spirit,

    So true, I wish I had left a long time ago. Shame & pride kept me locked into trying over & over again to make the marriage work. The wasted years, the turmoil, and its effect on my health made me mad! And it’s about time or else I would never have stood up for myself and started to put distance so I could catch my breathe and come out of the fog.

    So happy for you that you are healing.



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